Services FAQ

What are my options if I do not wish to issue a subpoena?

An authorization is your best method to proceed. If you do not have one, MLR will contact counsel on your behalf to secure a signature on our HIPAA- compliant authorization form. Upon receipt, we will proceed to contact the document custodian to arrange collection of the materials.

How long will it take to obtain records?

Securing documents can take anywhere from 24 hours to a number of months. The determining factors are the form of legal release utilized (Subpoena or Authorization), how recent and available the documents are and the cooperative spirit of the custodian. Our Customer Service Representatives handle all request individually, securing materials in the most expedient and efficient manner for each custodian. Any problems experienced along the way are brought to your immediate attention.

Can you obtain items other than records?

Any item that you discover is needed can be requested. Most common are: Radiologic films (i.e. X-rays, MRI, CT, Pet), Photographs, Blue Prints, Video, Audio, Dental Molds, and Pathology materials.

Will you secure record certifications from custodians?

Yes. Certifications are included in all requests sent to custodians. If the documents are returned without the certification, we will re-contact the custodian in order to obtain one.

Can you copy pathology slides?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to duplicate pathology slides. It is, however, possible to arrange for the medical facility to make a “second cutting” of the original pathology materials. This is an expensive process and is not guaranteed to have the same pathological results because a new specimen of tissue is used to generate the new slide.

Why does MLR use its own messengers?

Our messengers are fully HIPAA trained on how to carefully handle and process confidential materials. Chain-of-custody receipts are kept by our messenger department when dealing with original materials. Also, our messengers travel with equipment to copy documents and X-ray films ON-SITE at the custodian’s offices.

Do you provide expedited service?

MLR has a “Rush” department that is at your convenience. Let us know what you need and when you need it. We will make all the arrangements – obtaining “waiver” when needed, prepare and issue documents, notify counsel and contact the custodian to secure rapid receipt of the documents needed.

How do you handle fees requested by record custodians?

Our staff will take care of issuing a check to the custodian on your behalf. Fees over $100 will be subject to your approval. Any fees generated will be separately listed on your invoice for services.

Do you review documents received?

All records are reviewed by MLR’s Quality Control staff for accuracy, content and quality of copy presented. Any pages that are not of MLR quality are duplicated and returned for better copies. Your set of records will be forwarded with notification that better copies have been requested.