Ordering FAQ

How do I order records?

Orders can be placed online by clicking on our “Place Order” link or you can fax, mail, or e-mail your request. We can e-mail you a Microsoft Word version of our form or send you paper forms if you prefer to complete your orders by hand. Then there’s always the telephone--call us and we will take your order over the phone.

Do I have to use your order form?

No. Your order can be in the format convenient for your office. Many of our clients have created their own version of our order form, others just send a letter. Our order form is provided for your convenience and as a guide listing information that will speed the process of securing the documents you seek. Choose your own method!

Can I order documents without complete address information of the custodian?

Yes. Give us the information you do have. We will research the current contact information on the custodian. We have an extensive database and use address and internet search programs for research.

Is your online order form hard to use?

Actually, the order form is easy to use. Utilize the tab key on your computer to move from space to space. In some areas there are drop down boxes from which you can choose your selection by clicking on what you want. When you have completed the form click on the “SUBMIT” button to send your order.

How do I place an online order for more than ten (10) locations?

The online form can be filled in for each custodian request. If you have additional locations, you can use the "Comments/Instructions" area at the end of the form. That area will let you use as much space as you need. Checking the “Comments” box at the top of the form will raise a flag to our staff so that we DOUBLE check all areas for information.

Where should I list the specific information I am looking for?

Use the area labeled “Specific Instructions” on the order forms. You'll find it on the bottom line of each record location. This area can be used to list specific items required, wording desired, or special instructions pertaining to that location. However, if additional space is needed, use the “Comments/Instructions” area at the end of the form and here you will be able to utilized as much space as desired.

How can I be certain that you received my order?

All orders received via our online order form or by e-mail are acknowledged upon receipt by e-mail. That acknowledgement will contain a copy of your order. All orders are acknowledged in writing, enclosing copies of the documents we prepared on your behalf for your records.

What information is needed in order to request documents?

Following the online order form is the best way to ensure that needed information has been provided in order to issue a subpoena or plaintiff/claimant authorization. Always important are the plaintiff/claimant’s Date of Birth, Social Security Number and current address. All orders are reviewed upon receipt. We will contact you for additional or missing information that will speed the search and response time.

What legal documents should I submit with my order?

For cases that are in suit, MLR will prepare, complete and file all documents necessary to issue a subpoena in accordance with the rules of the presiding Court. Notice will be sent to all counsel of record. If you wish to use plaintiff/claimant authorization, the authorization should be forwarded with your order.

Do I need to have an authorization in order to get records?

A signed authorization will be needed in order to obtain records that contain reference to drugs, alcohol, mental health, or HIV. All other records can be released under subpoena.