Reprographic Services


Photographs can be duplicated (any size, black/white, color), enlarged or reduced in size, scanned to a TIFF or .JPG image and put on CD. If you need a trial exhibit, foam backing is also available. Prices will vary according to size.

CD-ROM image

CD-ROM Duplication

In this growing electronic age, many requests for discovery materials are compiled and forwarded in CD-ROM format. Eliminating paper from the “paper trail” also reduces the expense. MLR can provide you with as many copies as you need. If you still need the paper, we will print it out and organize it for you. Your choice according to your needs!

Video / Audio

Audio tapes and video tapes can be duplicated to the same form/format. Video tapes can also be transferred to DVD format. Let us know which format better suits your needs.

Trial Display Boards

Create trial exhibits of any document or radiology film that will win your case. Exhibits can be enlarged (your choice of size) and foam backed for easy display. Radiology films that are currently in negative format can also be presented in a “POSITIVE” format.

Documents on CD

Receive your records scanned onto a CD instead of, or in addition to, bulky paper sets that require storage space to maintain.

Radiology Films

Copies can be made on-site at the deponent's location (original films need not leave the custodian's possession) or in-house at our office.